IMPORTANT NOTICE: Following the WHO’s (World Health Organization), DGS’s (Direcção-Geral de Saúde – Portuguese Health Organization) guidelines, along with the Portuguese government and local government policies, Quinta do Quetzal will be closed for all touristic activities (restaurant and guided tours) in the coming weeks. We will be monitoring the current situation regarding COVID 19 as well as our customers and employees wellbeing and we will issue a reopening date for all our activities. We want to sincerely apologize to all our clients and visitors for any inconvenience this may cause. We strongly believe that we should contribute to prevent and fight against the COVID-19.

Thank you very much for your understanding..

The Quinta do Quetzal Management


Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Quetzal restaurant and savour flavours inspired by traditional food from the Alentejo. The key elements of the dishes are locally grown and sourced. These seasonal dishes are always accompanied by Quinta do Quetzal wines. The restaurant boasts stunning views over the property’s vast estate. You’ll feel like you can almost reach out and touch the vegetable patch and vines. And for an extra special touch, walk through and immerse yourself in our especially designed garden filled with local flora, aromatic herbs and flowers, which are all used to create the dishes we serve.

The restaurant is awarded with the ‘Prémio Melhor Restaurante Alentejo 2018’ (Best Restaurant Award, Alentejo 2018)

For bookings, contact: Phone: +35 1 284 441 618 Or email:

Advanced booking is strongly advised.